Sea trout fishing

In Åland you can fish for trout all year round except in June–August. As long as the sea is ice-free you may also fish for sea trout in the winter.

Demanding sea trout fishing requires a little more of the fisherman. The sport fishing guide Ulf Rundberg explains why:

– The trout is the Rolls Royce of the fish world! It’s the second most popular catch after salmon and a real fighter – that’s why they’re sometimes called silver torpedoes. At the same time the trout is not easy to catch, so when you really have one taking the bait it’s something you have been longing for! Trout weighing more than 3 kilos are a real kick to pull up.

From boat and from the shore

In Åland you can fish for trout almost all year round. The only exception is in June, July and August. As long as the sea is ice-free you may also fish for sea trout in the winter.

Trout fishing from the shore can be done as long as there is ice-free water until mid April. Fishing from the shore by spin fishing or bait is prohibited from 15 April to 15 June. 

Fishing from the shore is best on the windward side as the weather permits. Easiest is to use a reel, so that you reach outside the breakers. To get far enough out you may also want to use hip boots.The best time for sea trout fishing from a boat is in spring, from the middle of April to the middle of May.

Where to find the sea trout

When you go fishing for sea trout in spring you should find sunny bays where the temperature is a bit higher. The sea trout likes sea bottoms with stones, sand and seaweed.

In autumn you’ll also find them around open reefs in the outer archipelago. In spring the best fishing is by means of spin fishing, fly fishing or angling with baits like for example shrimp or herring. In spring and autumn trolling also works.

Get inspired by watching the video of a fishing trip for sea trout on a beautiful autumn day.

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