Åland on a plate

Enjoying exciting culinary experiences is an important part of both celebrations and everyday life. In Åland you can eat tasty, locally produced and genuine food. Explore flavours from the archipelago in restaurants around Åland or try local products at a classic Ålander breakfast at your lodging.

Respect for nature and traditions

For Ålanders food is exceptionally important. With respect for nature we aim to live according to the season and prepare a lot by hand. The fresh sea air, fertile soil and long growing season allows for a high quality and unique aromas – difficult to find anywhere else.

Back in the day people living in the archipelago had to preserve the little they had. That way of thinking still lives on and, today, is the foundation for what is considered sustainability.

AX – label for local products

A hundred years ago, Ålanders were experienced seafarers who were used to sailing around the seas of the world. On their travels the seamen experienced new flavours and returned back home with new spices, ingredients and influences. You can still see traces of this heritage until this day. New influences are brought in innovatively from foreign cuisines!

In restaurants around Åland it’s often the availability that decides the menu of the day. Do you want to know who grew the vegetables, who caught the fish or from which farm the meat comes from? An AX label on a menu tells you the course is made from local ingredients.

Let flavours from the archipelago in restaurants around Åland elevate your dining experience. Bon appetit!

Restaurants on Åland

Cafés on Åland

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