Travel to Åland

The boat trip to Åland is an essential part of the overall Åland travel experience. You can travel by ferry from both Sweden and Finland or choose the archipelago trail and cycle from one island to another starting from the Turku archipelago. Sailing to Åland by your own boat is a unique experience.

Enjoy the trip

Åland is closer than you would imagine and it's easy to travel here. The shortest ferry trip from Sweden takes only two hours and you can take a ferry from Åbo in Finland both morning and evening. There’s a ferry connection from Helsinki to Åland as well. 

If you travel from Finland, you can do island hopping with archipelago ferries along the Åland archipelago trail. Thanks to the short distances this route suits perfectly for biking! Sailing to Åland with your own boat is a memory for life and you’ll find idyllic guest harbours all over Åland.