Amazing sport fishing in the Åland Islands

Åland has always been an eldorado for sport fishing enthusiasts. On the Åland Islands you can enjoy versatile fishing all year round. Travelling here is quick and seamless, and the relaxing sea crossing is an enjoyable part of the experience. Experience your next fishing adventure on Åland - your biggest catch yet awaits you.

Ahvenanmaa on urheilukalastajan paratiisi vuodenajasta huolimatta. Keväisin ongitaan siikaa ja kevään vaihtuessa kesäksi lähdetään avomerelle uistelemaan hopeina välkehtiviä lohia. Syksy on puolestaan ahvenen- ja hauenkalastuksen parasta aikaa, ja vesien viiletessä myös lohi saapuu lähemmäs rantaa. Pakkastalvet ovat omiaan ahvenen ja kuhan, mutta myös hauen pilkkimiselle.
Ennen kalastusmatkaa on hyvä tutustua Ahvenanmaan urheilukalastusta ja kalastuslupia koskeviin säädöksiin.

Fishing areas and regulations

Fisheries management is important in Åland. Did you know that ålanders plant millions of fry every year in the waters around Åland? No wonder you'll easily land an impressive catch here! Fisheries management is partially funded with the revenue from sold fishing licenses, which is why it's very important that everyone who's fishing in Åland has a valid fishing license.

Trout fishing in Åland

Fishing guides in Åland

If you want to get the most out of your fishing trip to Åland we recommend that you hire a sport fishing guide. The fishing guides know the local fishing grounds and help you to find the best spots for fishing. You are guaranteed to catch more fish and you’ll get to see more of Åland. Additionally you can fully concentrate on the fishing while the guide takes care of the navigation.