Pikeperch and whitefish fishing

Spring is the high season for whitefish while pikeperch is at its best in late summer and autumn. Despite the season, the waters around Åland always offer nice fishing experiences.

Fishing for pikeperch

The best time to fish pikeperch is in autumn when the fish has eaten well in the summer and is fat and good-tasting.

Pikeperch fishing in Åland is especially good from August onward, but also earlier in the summer. Just remember to respect the time of protection. In Åland fishing for pikeperch is forbidden during the whole June.

Jig or trolling?

The pikeperch can be fished by jigging but also by trolling, preferably with a wobbler. When you fish with jigs remember to fish near the bottom. If you fish too high up you’ll get hit by one of the luxury problems with sport fishing in Åland – you’ll catch a perch instead of a pikeperch!

Whitefish angling

There are plenty of whitefish in Åland and whitefish angling (where you angle on the bottom) is, especially in spring, very popular. Whitefish angling is a relaxed and calm way of fishing that is suitable for the whole family.

– It is a wonderfully inactive way of fishing. Just put your rod in and wait until the fish bites the worm and starts to tug. Then it’s just to pull, says Ingmar “Pingo” Eriksson, a local fishing guide.

Great angling throughout spring

The whitefish angling is especially good in April and May, but also in June, when the whitefish come up to more shallow waters.

Go to one of Åland’s shallow bays or streaming sounds and enjoy angling. Bottom angling with natural worms is especially tempting for the whitefish that swims along the bottom in its search for food. You will find the whitefish everywhere where there is a smooth bottom – on a sandy bottom it’s easier for the fish to see your bait.

You can have 2-3 rods out at the same time which increases your chances for a catch. The whitefish moves in smaller groups and if you catch one, the chances of catching more is great.

– In the waters around Åland there are enormous amounts of whitefish of great size. The whitefish is a very good fish to eat smoked, salted or fried and whitefish from brackish water tastes much better than lake whitefish, says Pingo. Whitefish angling is also a good complement to sea trout fishing, because the whitefish is often near the trout fishing spots.

Relaxing fishing

Whitefish angling is a very relaxing way of fishing which means much waiting. Bringing a comfortable chair is good advice. Take the opportunity to lean back and enjoy the sun and the beautiful spring weather. You can also use your time for a pleasant coffee break and exchange fishing tales in good company.

– The great thing about whitefish angling is that you sit in peace and quiet in fine spring weather. Just sit still and enjoy life!

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