Visit historical sites all over Åland

Do you find stories from the past fascinating and love exploring historical sites? Then you’ll find the Åland Islands a real treasure. Here you’ll meet a long maritime history defined by life at sea.

Interesting museums and spots to discover

Visit the museums in Åland and learn more about life at sea, hunting, fishing and archipelago wildlife, common life in a traditional archipelago farm and a lot more. Discover historical sites around the whole Åland and combine your interesting day trips with outdoor experiences or a visit to a restaurant.

A given spot to start plunging into the local history is the Cultural History Museum of Åland in Mariehamn. Here you’ll get a comprehensive introduction to the last 7,500 years, starting from the first seal hunters who came to the Åland islands until today and the modern Åland society. 

After the introduction it's time to travel around Åland and explore the many ancient monuments, small museums and historical gems that you’ll find all over Åland.