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Camping & glamping

Set up your tent or park your motorhome at camping sites around Åland – it's an easygoing way of accommodation where you’ll come close to nature. If you want to enjoy nature but don’t want to give up a comfortable bed, choose glamping.

The camping sites in Åland are a great option for all who like to keep things simple. The camping sites welcome you who want to sleep in a tent as well as travellers with a motorhome or a camper. 

Åland camping sites have access to the sea and there’s often a variety of activities for all family members in the neighbourhood. The standard services include sanitary facilities, showers and facilities for laundry and cooking. On many camping sites, you can rent a sauna. If you don't want to sleep in a tent but are comfortable with the camping site services, you can upgrade your stay by hiring a simple overnight cottage.

Glamping gives you the chance to enjoy nature while you’ll be sleeping comfortably in bed. You-ll avoid travelling with a lot of packing like a tent and other equipment and when you arrive at the glamping site, the tent is put up for you and it’s ready for you to use. No wonder glamping is becoming more and more popular – it combines the best parts from a luxurious hotel stay and a nature experience.

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