Uffe på Berget
Svarta Katten, Mariehamn

Popular cafés in Åland

What is cozier than a good coffee break in great company? In Åland a good coffee break is widely appreciated and an important part of the day, and there is a wide selection of cafés all over the Åland Islands. In many of them you can also enjoy a lighter lunch in the form of salads, pies or soups, to finish with a cup of coffee and something sweet.

And most often there are plenty of sweet alternatives to choose from. The cafés serve local delicacies, homemade goods, cakes, cookies, pies and buns. A specialty from Åland is a cream bun: an oblong bun that’s been split in the middle and filled with whipped cream. Have you heard of the Åland pancake? Those who prefer a slightly healthier option can also find smoothies and energy balls at several of the cafés.

Enjoy a good coffee break at the cozy and individual cafés around Åland. Here we’ve gathered some of the most popular spots, but remember that there are of course more than these! Some of the cafées are only open during the summer.

1. Stickstugan

Not far from Mariehamn, in Järsö, lies Stickstugan. It’s the perfect excursion spot easily reachable by bike for you who wants to enjoy beautiful sea views during the trip. Out at the café you’ll be greeted by an idyllic garden and a cozy coffee shop.

2. Café Viktor

In the heart of Mariehamn you’ll find Café Viktor. Here you’ll find both lunch and pastries. Everything is made by hand with care from locally produced and organic ingredients. Don’t miss out on Viktor Crafts & Design in the adjacent shop where you’ll find handcrafted items and designs made by Ålanders.

3. Svarta Katten

In an old tree house with a lovely garden lies café Svarta Katten. The café offers classic pastries, but also LCHF, sugar free and allergy friendly delicacies are available. The café uses local and fresh ingredients to create a tasty culinary experience.

4. Brobacka

In case you venture out of Mariehamn to explore, you’ll find Brobacka Café a suitable place to stop on the way. Here you’ll find delicious pastries which have been made from scratch using ingredients from Åland such as organic flour from Överängs kvarn and dairy products from the local dairy factory ÅCA.

5. Johannas hembakta

Johannas hembakta is a small, authentic stone oven bakery and café in Stalldalen found in central Åland. Here bread, buns, cookies and cakes are made with genuine ingredients and a whole lot of feel. Good break and tasty pastries and the lovely scent of newly baked goods

6. Bagarstugan

One of Mariehamns coziest cafés, Bagarstugan, lies in the center of the town in an old treehouse from the 1800s. Here you can try all sorts of delicacies, as well as a lighter lunch and freshly baked pastries in different forms and shapes. During the summertime there is a small outdoor terrace in the backyard where you can enjoy your coffee break.

7. Mattas Café

Mattas Café lies in the Mattas farm where they also have their own dairy production. Mattas offers locally produced ingredients at their finest, when the milk, cheese and yogurt comes from the farm’s five cows. You can also purchase their products to bring home from the farm’s shop. If you want to experience a true farm, make sure to visit Mattas.

8. Café Humlan

Café Humlan is a summer café that lies in Lemland right beside Mormors Gröna Hus. Here you’ll find homemade pastries in a cozy greenhouse. On the menu you’ll also find the salad of the day, sandwiches and homemade baked goods. There are always lactose as well as gluten free alternatives available.

9. Uffe på Berget

With one of the most breathtaking views in Åland, Uffe på berget serves as a great spot to stop at when you’re exploring the Åland countryside. Make sure to try the Åland dish of the century, the Åland pancake, when you visit the café.

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