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Eat well in Åland’s restaurants

In Åland awaits a culinary experience unlike any other. The restaurants in Åland always aim to make good use of local ingredients and seasonal flavours – in a way that’s been done in the archipelago for centuries.

Fish caught by local fishermen, fresh vegetables, meat and apples from farms around Åland are often the stars of menus on Åland, and as for drinks you can try artisan beers from local breweries or local soda made from real fruits and berries.

As experienced seafarers Ålanders have inherited the ability to open-mindedly try new tastes and flavours from near and far, and innovatively make them their own. Thanks to this, you can enjoy delicacies inspired by foreign countries and their more exotic products, as well.  

Enjoy the clean flavours from the archipelago in different restaurants around Åland. Here we’ve gathered recommendations for popular spots, but remember that there are of course more options than listed here! Some are open only summertime, when the number of restaurants is at its biggest.

1. Nautical

Restaurant Nautical is a fine-dining restaurant beautifully seated in the Western Harbour, with a view over the water and the museum ship Pommern. The interior breathes classic elegance with surfaces in teak, white tablecloths and maritime details. The food consists of clean and straight flavours – prepared with finesse and care, without forgetting about traditions. The ingredients are chosen according to season, grown or raised with care for both animals and nature.

2. Compagniet

At Compagniet in the town centre of Mariehamn you’ll find a sense of calm and peace and a scent of mystique. The interior has been inspired by India with soft carpets, dark wood and oriental colours. Here you can sit down, eat something delicious, sip on a cocktail or spend time playing parlour games such as billiards, boule or shuffleboard with your friends.

3. ÅSS Paviljongen

ÅSS Paviljongen and guest harbour ÅSS in the Western Harbour is one of the most gorgeous places to sit down and enjoy dinner with an amazing evening sun. The food served is both fresh and uncomplicated summer dining with a little bit of extra. There is both an á la carte menu and lighter alternatives from the terrace menu to choose from. The terrace is a popular gathering spot amongst both ålanders, boat guests and other visitors.

4. Kvarter 5

The contemporarily designed restaurant is both popular for lunch and fine dining. Here you can enjoy tastes from all over the world and the menu lives according to the availability of ingredients. There is no set menu for starters or desserts, which makes the visit extra interesting and exciting – this is to be able to offer a more varying menu and to let the chef’s inspiration flow a little freer. Wonderful, we say.

5. Indigo

On Indigo's upper floor you’ll find a bar with a charming atmosphere and well planned bistro menu. Here you can find Åland’s largest selection of beers and dedicated bartenders who can mix any drink from scratch. On the lower floor you’re welcome to try out an á la carte menu in a stylish environment that will remind you of a french wine cellar. In the summer a lovely lounge terrace with seats for 150 guests opens up just outside the restaurant.

6. Boquerian

At the tapas restaurant Boquerian you can relax and indulge in a peaceful meal while you stop and enjoy the moment. The restaurant has a marvellous outdoor seating and cosy interior design. Boquerian is located in the middle of Mariehamn, close to the hustle and bustle of the town centre .  A warm terrace enclosed in large glass panels makes it possible to sit outside well into the autumn and early in the spring. Here you’ll be able to enjoy both brunch, lunch and dinner as well as tasty drinks in the evening.

7. Smakbyn

What would gastronomical Åland be without chef Michael Björklund? Around the shift of the millenium his cooking knives were already pointing out Åland as a food region – that’s when he won the competition Chef of the year in both Finland and Sweden. At Björklund’s food empire Smakbyn right by the Kastelholm Castle you can find a restaurant, café, shop, distillery and conference department and party floor. Simply put, it is a must-see place for anyone who visits Åland.

8. Stallhagen

Pub Stallhagen in Godby, wall to wall with a distillery by the same name, is known for their hearty portions of locally produced and really tasty food. The availability at farms, producers and suppliers decides what’s offered on the menu. If you want the name of who picked the carrot or caught the fish you can just ask the personnel. Here you can also do a tasting of the distillery’s beers paired with bites of food.

9. NauticAltan

Basking in the sun from early noon to late in the evening makes Nautical’s outdoor terrace, NauticAltan, one of the sunniest spots in Mariehamn when the weather allows it. Here you can enjoy tasty food from the grill, salads as well as a selection of goods from Åland in the form of both food and drinks in an exclusive environment. The bar is well stocked with everything that’s needed on a sunny day such as Champagne, wine, beer and summery drinks.

10. Björnhofvda gård

Björnhofvda gård in Eckerö in western Åland is a true gem. A boutique hotel and restaurant with a delicate and tasteful menu with an interior design consisting of English and Ålander rustic charm will delight you from the moment you lay eyes on it. The place offers experiences for all your senses with its lovely atmosphere. Enjoy an exquisite dinner in the dining room at the veranda and continue the evening with a drink in the salon with smooth jazz playing in the background.

11. Mormors gröna hus

Mormors gröna hus is a cosy restaurant in the countryside of Lemland. The restaurant is a homestead from the 19th century which has been carefully transformed into an idyllic and snug oasis. Here you can hide away from the stress of everyday life, and find yourself close to the good things in life. Experience a rustic and historical milieu while enjoying good food and drinks that satisfy all senses. Here you can enjoy home cooking with that little extra and made with as many ingredients as possible from Åland.

12. Havsvidden

Havsvidden resort is located on the red cliffs by the shore in northern Åland. Here you can enjoy peace accompanied with scenic views which are just as spectacular in the summer as in the winter. In Havsvidden’s restaurant and bar you can enjoy everything from a terrace menu with local ingredients to fresh lunch to classically traditional dinner in a cosy environment with a spectacular view over the sea. Seasonal and local ingredients are widely used and that’s why the menu can change during off-season on short notice.

13. Gastropub Bodegan

At Gastropub Bodegan amidst the boathouses in Käringsund you’ll be served well cooked food directly by the bay in a genuine archipelago environment. The menu is varied and based on the season’s finest ingredients and the view is rippling blue. After a good dinner you can go for a stroll along the nearby quay or the red granite cliffs close by.

14. Käringsund Restaurang

The restaurant at Käringsund Resort & Conference in Eckerö has an outdoor terrace which according to many is one of the best in Åland. The atmosphere is international and the vibe is as if you were abroad. Here you’ll be able to choose from a bistro menu and pizza, ice-cream and drinks for every taste. Buffet dinners are arranged during high season. This is a family friendly restaurant close to the beach, playground and nice activities.

15. Sunnan II

The restaurant boat Sunnan II is a charming ship built in 1906. With Sunnan II you can go for a lunch and dinner cruise in the Åland archipelago. The menu consists of local ingredients and with focus on what the season has to offer. The cruises go where the captain steers the ship, e.g. to Kastelholm where you get to enjoy the view of the mediaeval castle. During a cruise you’ll find yourself comfortably surrounded by the ease of the Åland archipelago whilst enjoying a delicious meal in good company.

16. Västerro

In Lemland’s Herrön, near the southernmost point of Åland’s main island, lies the farmyard Västerro. In the farm’s own smokery the owner Anders Westerberg refines the fish he catches and puts pride in using as much of the fish as he can. The place’s specialty is the “Åland fishboard”, a handcrafted board made of the tree sort ash on which tasty fish delicacies made of fish guts, tiny fish and so called junk fish are served.

17. Carlsro

The shipowner’s villa in the municipality of Föglö has been renovated into the seaside hotel Carlsro. A stone’s throw away from the idyllic Degerby harbour you can enjoy good food and drinks in a genuine 1920’s atmosphere. Take a stroll in the beautiful garden, shop exciting products in the old commerce shop, and eat well on the roof terrace or in one of the three turn-of-the-century salons.

18. Grannas

In the old salting-house in Vestanträsk in northern Åland you’ll find Grannas Bistro. Here you can enjoy locally produced food and drinks surrounded by beautiful apple orchards. On the menu you’ll find familiar classics as well as the dish of the day. You can also find homemade desserts and baked goods. The bistro also has a shop which sells the orchard’s own apple juice and other edible products and handmade goods from Åland.

19. Vinsmedjan

Vinsmedjan is a part of the guesthouse Kvarnbo Pensionat. Here the owner Ella Grüssner Cromwell-Morgan has created an oasis for fans of drinks and food. Ella is a trained sommelier and lives for high quality drinks. Here you can try wine tasting – but make sure to book ahead of time, the tastings are very popular.

20. Eckerö Hotell & Restaurang

At Eckerö Hotell & Restaurang you can experience food out of the ordinary in an idyllic surrounding. Try out the restaurant's specialty dishes flambéed Roquefort steak or a beef steak served on a wooden plate. The ingredients come from Åland and as a guest at the hotel you'll always be served a breakfast consisting of mainly local ingredients. Drink and eat well out on the cozy terrace surrounded by greenery and enjoy the sun until late evening.

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