Enjoy cabin life by the sea

About eight or nine out of ten Åland cabins are situated by the water and have access to their own boat and sauna. That means bathing, boat trips and the sun on the horizon. Just open the door and step out into a forest, on to a meadow or on to red granite rock.

In the summertime the Åland cabins are particularly popular among families, whereas in the autumn, winter and spring it tends to be anglers and nature enthusiasts who particularly enjoy Åland’s cabins for winter stays.

Own island or holiday village?

There are plenty of options, especially if you book in good time. There are different standards of cabins and they come in different price categories. You can stay on your own island, and enjoy peace and quiet, or have a more social stay in a holiday village; and you can make it for one night or several weeks … or why not a whole holiday?

If you want to stay on your own island, you can rent e. g. the island Gyllenklobb with a cabin for four persons and a floating sauna, the island Långskär with a cabin and a sauna in Kumlinge, the island Lökskär with a cabin for five persons and a sauna by the water in the Vårdö archipelago. In the northern archipelago of Åland you will find the island Sviskär with a hermit’s cabin for four person, Klobben – a modern fishing ground with cabins up to 40 guests in the Saltvik outer archipelago, as well as the island Silverskär with cozy four star rooms – for meetings and conferences, kick-offs, parties, fishing and hunting, but also for recreation.

Some facilities also have simple overnight cabins. They are well-suited to short stays for sports tournaments or for cyclists and others with a full programme who just want to sleep in one place for one or two nights. Overnight cabins are a simpler type of accommodation that does not include heating, nor your own toilet or kitchen. They can meet your basic requirements with minimum equipment or they can be a bit more exclusive.

Activities and excursions

In addition to the beach, the holiday villages often have playgrounds and other fun places for children to enjoy, or a common barbecue area for several families. The children will soon meet people from the cabin next door and make new friends. Self-catering keeps costs down and it’s also nice to be able to cook food in the cabin when the children are tired.

It’s becoming more and more common for families to go on holiday together and then share accommodation. Maybe you want to take a few friends with you, or the grandparents? That’s when holiday villages and spacious accommodation are ideal.

Boat, kayak and bicycle excursions and a lovely sauna are all part of life in a holiday cabin. In a holiday village you often have access to extra facilities such as a barbecue, kiosk, restaurant, playground, fishing and other activities.

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