Boating and sea rescue

It doesn’t take many hours to travel by boat from Sweden or the Finnish mainland to Åland, but it surely is a memorable trip.

Respect the enviroment

Now and in the future, Åland wants to be able to invite all visitors to a clean and fresh nature with clear and wonderful water. All boats, regardless of size, are bound by law to empty their wastewater in tanks provided in the harbours. Emptying wastewater in the waters surrounding Åland is prohibited.

Recycling stations and wastewater tanks are provided in the guest harbours and service harbours in Åland.

For further information please contact The Åland government’s Environment section, tel. +358 18 25 000


If you have an accident, it’s important that the Coast Guard know where your boat is. That’s why you should use the official fairways marked on the nautical charts.

Emergency number: 112
Sea Rescue, national emergency number: 029 41000
The Åland Sea Rescue Association’s on duty phone: +358 18 19475

VHF 16
International emergency and call channel

Ålands radio 91,3 MHz
Finländska riksradion 93,1 Mhz
Sveriges radio P1 95,0 Mhz

Coast and sea weather forcast

JW Dyk, Jerry Wilhelmsson, +3584573798907
Jan-Ola Karlsson, + 358 405845122
Jan Lönnqvist, +358 475 3135856

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Sea rescue in Åland 
Ålands sjöräddningssällskap

Buy a nautical chart
Mariehamns bokhandel

Distance, nautical miles
Mariehamn–Kapellskär 37
Mariehamn–Hangö 121
Mariehamn–Korpo 61
Mariehamn–Åbo 93
Eckerö–Grisslehamn 23

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