Internet access and phone calls in Åland


Did you know that Åland has its own country-code domain .ax in contrast to Finland’s usual .fi? Access has extended out to Åland and as a visitor you don’t have far to go to get on the internet.

  • Most hotels, and also many hostels, campsites and holiday villages have their own wireless network that you can access.
  • There are several places in Mariehamn that offer free WiFi. Most hotels, such as Adlon, Arkipelag, Cikada, Park Alandia, Pommern and Savoy have free WiFi for their guests, as well as guesthouses, for example Övernäsgården.
  • Many public places such as the town library, tourist information, Shell Select and the shopping street Torggatan between the market square and buss station (Free WiFi City Mariehamn) have free WiFi.

Phone calls

  • When you call Åland dial first Finland’s land code +358 and then Åland’s area code 18. For example: +358-18-12345.
  • When you make a local call to a land based phone in Åland from a mobile phone, you must first dial the area code 018.

Important telephone numbers
General Emergency 112

Maritime rescue call center 029 41 000

Police +358 18 10 022

First aid+358 18 5355

Medical Care +358 18 538 500

Dentist +358 18 14 600

Vet +358 18 14 900

Vehicle towing 0457 313 5747, +358 18 31 747

Can't find what you are looking for?

Please feel free to contact Visit Åland if you need any further information +358 18 24000.

Tourist information
Visit Åland
Storagatan 8
AX-22100 Mariehamn,
Åland, Finland

Tel: +358 18 24000
Fax: +358 18 24265
[email protected]

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