Experience the Åland Archipelago Trail by bike

A trip along the Åland Archipelago Trail is an eventful experience. You pass interesting sights, magnificent landscapes as well as cozy restaurants and cafés. And when it’s time for a break there are comfortable accommodations with a unique character to choose from.

Vacay at your own pace

The Åland Archipelago Trail runs across the main island of Åland and then eastwards on two routes. The northern route runs from Sund through the north-eastern archipelago to Kustavi in the Turku archipelago. The southern route runs from Lumparland through the south-eastern archipelago towards Korppoo. 

There are several routes to choose from, but what they all have in common is that you are taken along beautiful archipelago roads that wind across islands, bridges and embankments, with ferries running from where the roads end.

You can combine your trip along the Åland Archipelago Trail with the Archipelago Trail in Finland. If you travel by bike, the Åland Archipelago Trail will be an excellent choice. The distances are short. You’ll be able to travel at your own pace and stay longer on islands you find interesting and like to explore more carefully. Let the journey through the archipelago take time!

Stay overnight in the archipelago

When you travel from the Finnish mainland to Åland or vice versa, make sure you have booked at least one overnight stay on some of the Åland archipelago islands. In that way your trip becomes less expensive, and, most importantly, you get more time to experience the archipelago without any hurry.

Plan your trip

Naturally, you can travel along the Archipelago Trail in the direction that best suits your travel plan and start your travel either in the northeast, the Åland mainland or in the southeastern archipelago. 

Below we describe the Archipelago Trail starting from the northeast along the Northern route, continuing to the mainland of Åland and further on towards the southeast  along the Southern route. 

Read the FAQ about archipelago ferries and the Åland archipelago route.