Travelling to Åland

The Åland Islands are situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea, midway between Stockholm and Helsinki. There are daily connections to Åland from Finland and Sweden and you can choose to travel by ferry or by plane. 

Most people find the boat trip to Åland impressive and the journey to Åland half the experience. You can admire the beautiful Åland archipelago on the way from Finland, or the Stockholm archipelago when you travel from Sweden, and enjoy good food, shopping and entertainment onboard at the same time.

It’s important to make your reservations and book the journey to Åland well in advance – especially in the summer and if you are travelling by car or other motor vehicle on a ferry.

The fastest way of getting to Åland is to take a flight from Helsinki-Vantaa or Turku in Finland or Arlanda in Sweden.

Travel by ferry

The shortest ferry connection from Sweden is the one from Grisslehamn with Eckerö Linjen. The ferry take two hours.

From Stockholm to Mariehamn and Långnäs you travel with Viking Line or Tallink Silja, the boat trip that mostly goes through the archipelago take about 5,5 hours. Both Tallink Silja and Finnlines has a connection between Kapellskär to Långnäs.

From Finland you can travel on ferries from Turku and Naantali both in the morning and evening.

Both Viking Line and Tallink Silja offer cruise-traffic between Helsinki, Mariehamn and Stockholm, with departures every other day from Stockholm and Helsinki, with the exception of scheduled  destination-cruises.

 If you are travelling from Estonia you would opt for Tallink Silja from Tallinn.

The archipelago route

For travellers from Finland, the beautiful sea route across the archipelago by Ålandstrafiken’s archipelago ferries is a good travel alternative that gives you the opportunity to explore the Åland archipelago municipalities closer. The archipelago ferries depart from Osnäs or Galtby near Turku. Especially in the summer it’s important to make your reservations well in advance. Book your voyage with the archipelago ferries at Ålandstrafiken.

Flying to Åland

Flying is a quick and convenient way of getting to Åland. Your flight is via Helsinki or Turku in Finland or Stockholm Arlanda in Sweden. It takes just 30 minutes both from Stockholm Arlanda and from Turku, and less than an hour from Helsinki-Vantaa. Once you are in Åland, the airport is just five minutes by car from the town of Mariehamn.

Booking your journey

The local travel agencies and tour operators are glad to help you to arrange a package trip for you that includes travel, accommodation and excursions that matches your requirements.

For timetables, booking and further information about the ferries and flights to Åland, please visit the travel companies homepages:

Safe travles

Passenger traffic have adapted their routines so that you may feel safe and at ease onboard. This regards both ferry traffic as well as flights. Did you know that Viking Line is the first shipping company in the world to be verified by DVN GL group’s My Care due to their handling of Covid-19?

Take part of new cleaning routines and security procedures that have been initiated due to Covid-19:

Travel by ferry

Eckerö Linjen 


Tallink Silja

Viking Line 


Travel by plane


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