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Eat well in Åland’s restaurants

In Åland awaits a culinary experience unlike any other. The restaurants in Åland always aim to make good use of local ingredients and seasonal flavours – in a way that’s been done in the archipelago for centuries.

Fish caught by local fishermen, fresh vegetables, meat and apples from farms around Åland are often the stars of menus on Åland, and as for drinks you can try artisan beers from local breweries or local soda made from real fruits and berries.

As experienced seafarers Ålanders have inherited the ability to open-mindedly try new tastes and flavours from near and far, and innovatively make them their own. Thanks to this, you can enjoy delicacies inspired by foreign countries and their more exotic products, as well.  

Enjoy the clean flavours from the archipelago in restaurants around Åland. Here we’ve gathered recommendations for popular spots, but remember that there are of course more options than listed here!

Note: Some restaurants are open summertime only. If you visit Åland during autumn, winter or spring, we recommend you to check the opening hours beforehand.

Restaurants on Åland

Cafés on Åland

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