Carlsro Badhotell

Bathe and be well

Åland is filled with relaxing experiences for both body and soul. Push your physical limitations with outdoor activities, tough workout sessions at the gym or swimming in an exercise pool, and rejuvenate with invigorating massages and soothing treatments. You can also treat yourself to a relaxing sauna and a dip in the sea, or bathe in a hot tub.

Having a sauna is an excellent way to spend time together with good friends, taking a break and simply being well. Here you can read about different sauna- and bathing facilities around Åland which you can either rent for private use or visit during their opening hours. Please note that some of the saunas are available only during the high season.

Treatments and bath in Mariehamn


At the bathhouse Mariebad you can combine exercise and aquatic experiences in the bathhouse’s pools with recuperation in the bath’s hot tub and sauna. There’s even a shared steam room, where the temperature combined with high levels of moisture offer relaxation and delight.

In the bathhouse’s upper floor you can find a relax-department which is available for private rent for groups up to 20 people. In the relax-department you can find showers, a sauna, a steam room and a jacuzzi. There’s even a smaller lounge with recliners and a pentry.

At the SPA-department at Mariebad’s upper floor Team MassageNu offers a selection of comfortable and invigorating treatments. You’ll find in addition to massages also spa-treatments on the menu and more. Remember to book your treatments beforehand.

Beach-sauna and pools

Hotell Arkipelag

At the Gröna Uddens camping you can rent a beach-sauna for private use. The sauna has its own jetty and is peacefully located out on a pier from the beach. The sauna can be rented by the hour, and you’ll get access to one of the two bastu-facilities.

Hotels with their own spa-departments with sauna and a pool are Park Alandia, Arkipelag and Cikada in Mariehamn. The last two even have nice outdoor pools which are open during the summer. 

Are you looking forward to a massage or a pleasant spa-treatment during your stay in Åland? You can find several masseurs and therapists who offer treatments of different kinds.

Bad på lite lyxigare vis

Carlsro Badhotell

Hotel HavsVidden in the northern part of Åland’s main-island is located in a tranquil environment where sea, cliffs of granite and mountain pines surround the hotel. When you look out from the hotel windows you’ll see the vast sea spread out before you. Here you will truly experience the sensation of privacy. 

Havsvidden offers different types of spa-treatments, massage, yoga and bath. The hotel’s bathhouse is situated in connection to the guest harbor, with a magnificent view out towards the sea. Stroll down to the bathhouse in your bathrobe which you’ll find in your hotel room and enjoy the warmth of the sauna, take a cooling dip in the pool or in the sea, or just relax for a moment out on the terrace. The bathhouse is only available for the hotel’s guests.

The Danish-style seaside hotel Carlsro on Föglö has a beach-sauna with e.g. bathtub, hot tub and a large terrace by the beach a stone’s throw away from the hotel itself. Here life feels a little bit more luxurious and total relaxation is easy to achieve. The hotel’s guests have access to the beach-sauna and the hotel’s SUP-boards, kayaks and sun chairs during the day, and in the evening outside visitors may also rent the quaint bathing-facility for private use.

Strong sauna tradition

The word sauna immediately brings to mind the Finnish sauna-traditions. There is no other nation which has made the sauna so famous and kept the tradition going. Åland as a part of Finland also shares this tradition, and you can bathe in a sauna in many different ways. You can try a traditional smoke sauna, a sauna heated with firewood or try a floating sauna-raft or a hot tub.

Smoke sauna

A visit to a traditional smoke sauna will surely give you a memory for life. The smoke sauna contains a large oven with stones which are heated with fire for several hours so that the room fills with smoke. Then the room is ventilated so that the air fills with oxygen, and the benches are washed as well.

The nice thing is, in addition to the feeling of a truly traditional sauna and the black and sooth, the fact that the heat becomes so incredibly comfortable. It’s not necessarily scorchingly hot, but the heat is regulated by those who bathe depending on how much water is thrown on the stones during the session. You can try a smoke sauna at Ekströms Stugor where the sauna has room for up to 8 people. Because the smoke sauna needs to be heated a day beforehand of usage you need to book it at least a week in advance. A smoke sauna can also be found at Havsvidden in Geta.


A wonderful and unique way to spend time with friends or family is by renting a floating sauna-raft from Långvikens stugor. Take your time to enjoy and relax in the comfortable heat of the sauna and its stove. When the heat starts getting to you, you can simply jump straight into the sea to cool down.

Private and public sauna

Glada Laxen gästhamn

Many tourist facilities offer saunas you can rent for private use. This means that the sauna is available to only you and your party for a specific period of time. Often the sauna is booked by the hour. In the mornings or for a while in the evening it’s also quite common that the saunas are open for public use among the guests of the facility. During these times there will be separate saunas for ladies and gents in different spaces or during different times of the day. Ask your cottage owner or the facility host for different available options.

You can rent a beach-sauna for private use at e.g. Käringsund Resort & Conference. There you can also book a hot tub heated with burning wood and enjoy a warm bath right by the water and listen to the waves hugging the shore. Both the beach-sauna as well as the hot tub can be booked by individual guests, families and a group of friends.

At Degersands camping you can rent a wood fired beach-sauna right by Åland’s most beautiful beach. The sauna has a large terrace where you can sit and take in the magnificent view over Åland’s sea. In case you need towels you’ll be able to rent them from the reception.

Are you travelling to Åland with your own boat? In most of the guest harbours around Åland you’ll be able to take a sauna during specific hours or rent a sauna for yourselves. A nice beach-sauna that you can rent for private use can be found at e.g. Rödhamn as well as hotel Brudhäll in Karlby, Kökar.

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