Lookout towers

Visit one, several or maybe all of the lookout towers in Åland. The towers are marked on the Åland map in the tourist brochures – let the viewing safari begin! The lookout towers are available for everybody who appreciates wide views. Here we describe some of the best.

The classics

In Geta there is a lookout tower placed on Getabergen with a fantastic mile wide view in clear weather. The tower is near the Soltuna Restaurant and Café and a hiking trail across red granite leads to a cave. Perfect for a walk with a picnic in your packing. Child friendly.

A real classic for all lookout visitors is Höga C at the Café Uffe på berget in Godby, Finström close to the Färjsundet bridge. This is a lookout tower of high class, where you can see, in clear weather, at least five municipalities and several churches. The tower is exciting because it can sway a bit on windy days. After the view it tastes good with a cup of coffee and an ice cream in the café. Not suitable for small children.

From the lookout tower at Herröskatan in Lemland there is a wonderful view over the fantastic sea area around the southernmost point of the main island. Here are incredibly beautiful meadows in spring and summer and ruins that remind one of wars in times past. Besides the view over the sea, you can also enjoy the rich bird life and see the large passenger ferries go very close by. This is a child friendly place but you cannot get by with a stroller.

More lookout towers

Sålis batteriberg, Hammarland offers beautiful nature close by ruins from the Russian times. Child-friendly.

By Hastersboda hiking trail, Föglö, is a new lookout tower. Child-friendly.

A walk to Storbergets lookout tower in Finström is quite a rewarding experience. Child-friendly.

Kungsö batteriberg in Jomala offers a grandiose view across the sea and information about the history behind the place. Child-friendly but rather far to walk.

The bird lookout tower near Torpviken in Jomala is easily accessible with a car and here you can see large numbers of bird species. Child-friendly.

Selected lookout towers

Finström: lookout tower on Storberget in Pålsböle
Finström: lookout tower “Höga C” on Uffe på berget in Godby
Föglö: lookout tower by Hastersboda hiking trail 
Geta: lookout tower on Getabergen
Hammarland: lookout tower on Kintbergen in Skarpnåtö
Hammarland: lookout tower on Sålis battery hill (Sålis batteriberg)
Jomala: lookout tower on Ingbyberget
Jomala: lookout tower on Kungsö battery hill (Kungsö batteriberg)
Lemland: lookout tower at Herröskatan
Sund: Prästö lookout tower

Sålis, Hammarland
Hasterboda, Föglö
Uffe på berget, Godby

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