Åland in springtime

Nature covered in greenery, the first fresh vegetables and newborn lambs. Springtime is fantastic in Åland and weekends with holidays like Easter are perfect occasions to explore it. Check out our best tips on what to do in Åland in spring and get inspired!

Rich birdlife in the archipelago

The archipelago awakens after the sea ice melts and the many migratory birds return. Due to its location in the middle of the Baltic Sea, the Åland islands are a given stop for migrants on their way northwards. Follow the rich birdlife in Åland, either from the shore or on a boat excursion. Remember to bring your binoculars!

In Åland, you get the chance to spot seabird species that are rare in other places in Finland and the more northern parts of the Baltic Sea. Examples of these are eg. common eider that hibernate on the waters around Åland, which also have the largest eider population in the Baltic Sea. You can also spot another bird that’s protected in Finland – a colony of razorbill. A boat trip to an eider colony in the outer archipelago islands, or razorbill watching in combination with a lighthouse excursion, are perfect activities for those with nature interest. 

Kökar is a paradise for bird watchers since you can see a variety of bird species here. There are six new platforms available for bird watchers. The platforms are equipped with signs with pictures of the most common birds that move in the area during different seasons. Kökar also has several hiking trails that take you to great places for bird watching.

Admire blooming along many nature trails

Blue anemone and coltsfoot are the first spring flowers that stick up from the old grass and before you even notice, the whole landscape is covered with greenery. Few seasons are as beautiful as springtime, and one of the best ways to enjoy it is by strolling along the many nature trails.

The Nåtö nature trail south of Mariehamn offers a magnificent bloom and greenery. No wonder the area is one of Åland’s most diverse and richest types of habitat. Nåtö has flowering meadows with e.g. wild orchids, old pastures, coastal meadows and verdant groves of hazelnut trees. In spring and early summer the wooded meadows burst in bloom with flowers like blue and wood anemones, pileworts, corydalis and cowslips.

Other wooded meadows alike Nåtö are the park Tullarns Äng in Mariehamn and the nature trails PrästgårdsnäsetHöckböleholmen and Ramsholmen.

Nauti kauden ensisadosta maaseudulla ja ravintoloissa

Åland Grönskar

Spring is a busy period for farmers as they sow and plant new crops. The first fresh vegetables are ready to be harvested in May, timely for the Åland Spring Fair. When apple trees bloom and asparagus grows as its best, Åland farms welcome you to explore the countryside. During one May weekend they are open for visitors and you get the chance of eating fresh vegetables, cuddling with newborn lambs, buying home made bread and other artisanal foods and simply taking in the lovely country atmosphere.

Did you know that many of the Åland restaurants plan their menu after the season and the current supply? In spring, many restaurants serve local, fresh asparagus, and a bit later fresh Åland potatoes served with local fish is a must on an Åland menu. These dishes match perfectly with cold beer from the local brewery, Stallhagen, that produces craft beer for all tastes. 

Taste fresh, clean and local crops at restaurants all over Åland. In spring you’ll appreciate places where you not only get great food, but can enjoy it outdoors – by the sea or surrounded by the greenery and the natural evening light. Have you visited the restaurants Kallas SkärgårdSmakbyn or Pub Stallhagen yet?

Book fair, film festival and other cultural events

For everyone with interest in cultural events, Åland offers a lot to experience during springtime. The book fair Mariehamns litteraturdagar and the film festival Vera are arranged yearly and take place in March. Listen to well known authors in the town library in Mariehamn, or take a seat in the comfortable cinema Bio Savoy. You will surely find yourself returning home with fresh inspiration. 

Other cultural events like concerts, stand up and theatre are presented in the Alandica culture and congress centre. 

Exciting sport fishing

As soon as the sea ice melts, fishing boats are ready to be launched and the local fishing guides are ready to help you find the best catches. Whitefish angling is a popular and relaxed way to fish. Also pike is a common catch during April and May.

May and June are the high season for salmon trolling. A trolling trip out on the Sea of Åland is an exciting experience even for those with more experience in salmon trolling. If you like competitions, you should join the Trollingträff Åland competition, a three day long competition that gathers trolling lovers from near and far. Did you know some of the largest salmon catched in the Sea of Åland weigh around 20 kilograms?

Other springtime tips

In addition to the list above, springtime in Åland naturally offers a lot more to explore: Easter markets, Easter menus, Walpurgis Night with celebrations by bonfires, running competitions and golf course openings, pupils’ school excursions and the first overnight stays in the summer cottages around Åland. 

Why not rent a cottage in Åland in spring? Enjoy the long, light spring evenings in the archipelago and dream of summer while listening to birds’ singing outside. 

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