Discover hidden gems by kayak

When being out on the sea in a boat you need to know the waters, but in a kayak you can explore new paths and hidden gems even in shallow waters and among small islets. For less experienced paddlers we recommend short tours in sheltered coves whilst more experienced kayakers comfortably explore the outer archipelago. 

In a kayak you’ll glide silently across the water and get close to the rich birdlife. You’ll be close to the water surface and get to see the environment from a new perspective. While paddling you are able to reach places you otherwise wouldn’t have reached by boat.

When the kayak glides onward, you’ll have the time to take in all the sounds, scents and see all the details in your surroundings and you’ll easily slip into a carefree mood – while paddling you’re in the now. At its best, the experience might actually be meditative. 

Before heading out on longer excursions it’s important that you’re well informed and have the right equipment with you. A planned route, map and the weather and wind forecast is a must, and it’s always good to inform someone of where you’re planning to go. With a change of clothes packed in a waterproof pouch as well as food, drink and sunscreen you’ll be prepared for a whole day of exploration.

Kobba Klintar

An experienced friend or guide is also handy to bring along for the tour. Paddling together with others offers not only safety, but also great fun when you get to share the experience with each other.

You can also do shorter trips and bring along coffee and sweets, or bring with you ingredients and a backpacking stove and prepare your meals for the day out in nature. Everything tastes so much better out at sea than at home!

Food and nature experiences belong together, but never make fire on cliffs or leave trash behind. If you want to make it easy for yourself, paddle to a noshery and take a break for coffee or lunch.

Northern Åland by kayak

The Norrhavet route across the northern archipelago is a challenging route that suits for experienced paddlers who are able to handle the open sea waters. If you love the sea and the archipelago but aren't afraid of challenging paddling, this could be the adventure you have been looking for.

In Northern Åland you can rent a kayak for example at Marina Hamnsundet in Saltvik.

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