Nåtö naturstig

Find the calm in Åland

their vacation. In Åland you can feel the breaths deepen and the pulse slowing down. Here are some tips for where and how you can exchange stress for calm and quiet.

Spend the night in a hermit cabin

Turn off your cell phone, light a candle and relax in one of the so-called hermit cabins which can be found around Åland. Choosing to spend time by yourself can be wonderful, especially if you choose to spend the night on your own islet out at sea. Suddenly you have the time to read that book which has been awaiting you on the bookshelf, play cards with the family or walk slowly along the shore and let your thoughts run free. Accommodation in a hermit cabin is offered by e.g. Silverskär and Coja Fishing.

Visit Kobba Klintar

The pilot station Kobba Klintar just outside of Mariehamn offers smooth cliffs to rest on and an impressive view over the Åland Sea. Even if the wind howls you’ll be able to find shelter and tranquility in the white-painted beacon, and with a warm cup of coffee in hand from the Lotsstugan café you can warm yourself up even in cloudy weather. You can reach Kobba Klintar by Fiskelyckan boat from the museum ship Pommern in the western harbour in Mariehamn.

Find peace in a church


There are more than 20 churches and chapels around Åland. 11 of them are medieval stone-churches and still in use. You can enjoy moving concerts or just sit in silence and study the art and murals on the walls. The historical constructions are located in beautiful environments that are worth seeing.

Take for example Lumparland’s white tree-church right by Kapellviken bay or Kökar’s stone-church which together with the Franciskuskapellet-chapel overlooks the sea from Hamnö. In Mariehamn the Sjöfararkapellet-chapel is warmly recommended. It’s located at the end of a breakwater in the peaceful Maritime Quarters.

Meditation on the back of a horse

On horseback you can get close to nature. Whilst horseback riding in the forest or in the countryside you’ll be able to  let yourself be immersed in the experience with your horse and the surrounding environment, closing out everything else. The calming effect of rocking along to the sound of clapping hooves, crunching leather and twittering birds lets you transcend yourself into a relaxed state. In Åland you can find several stables and riding schools that offer tours. Get in touch with Stall Rosenqvist in Eckerö or bring your own horse with you and check in at Granlunda Gård in Jomala.

Canoe and feel a sense of freedom

Glide forward canoeing, slicing the still waters and feel a wonderful sense of freedom. With a kayak you can sneak into shallow bays and glide silently across glittering waters. Disembark on a cob of your choice, enjoy your lunch bag and let the sounds of the waves lull you into sleep whilst you nap. If you’re lucky you might encounter a curious seal that will steal a glance at you from the surface.

Hike in nature reserves


Go for a walk at Ramsholmen when the wood anemone blooms, count the cruise-ferries from the watchtower in Herröskatan or experience traditional mowing in the Nåtö reserve during the summer. Åland has around 50 nature reserves where you can find peace.

Skating on blank ices

Long-distance skating is an excellent form of recreation when the ice is blank. With long, peaceful strokes you can sweep over the widths and experience Åland in a completely new manner when the landscapes look anew in their winter dons. Competent guides help you find safe routes, so that you may surrender yourself to the experience.

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