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9 unique options for overnight accommodation in Åland

Stay for example in an old school, at a former coast guard station or you could stay in an equestrian centre where your horse can go with you and stay comfortably in the modern stable. There are plenty of unique places to stay in Åland – we recommend some of them here.

1. The hermit cottage on Sviskär island

The 28-hectare island of Sviskär in Åland’s northern archipelago provides a sanctuary for anyone looking for tranquillity and the simple life. The hermit cottage has four beds and is somewhere you can take a break and listen to the sounds of nature. The island has no electricity so in the evenings you can play cards or read a good book by the light of a kerosene lamp. Walk along the beach, spend time in the wood-fired sauna, swim in the sea and enjoy the fantastic meals that are delivered to the cottage. There is only one hermit cottage on Sviskär, so you have the whole island to yourself.

2. Granlunda gård

The newly built equestrian centre Granlunda Gård consists of an environmentally certified farm hotel, a stable for ten horses and a guest stable for four horses. You can come here for private lessons and clinics, courses and conferences. An illuminated paddock, riding stables with music facilities and excellent bridle paths in woodland, on sand and on heaths provide first-rate training opportunities. Dressage rider Caroline Andersson, who runs the farm, will be pleased to provide private lessons to those who would like to progress with their riding. Caroline competes at Intermediaire level. You can, of course, come to the farm without a horse and simply stay in a rural environment, admire the beautiful animals and travel around Åland.

3. Björnhofvda gård

Björnhofvda Gård is a small-scale hotel in Eckerö, western Åland. The hostess, Jackie, is originally from the United Kingdom and her establishment provides rustic Åland charm with a British touch. Stunning, luxurious interiors and peaceful surroundings will make your stay at Björnhofvda Gård a delight. There is also a charming restaurant where tasty dishes made of local produce are served, including the farm’s own!

4. Kvarnbo Pensionat

Spend the night on a rustic country estate at the Kvarnbo Pensionat in Saltvik, northern Åland. There are some charming rooms, decorated with a personal touch, in a beautiful house dating back to the 19th century. The guesthouse is located opposite Saltvik’s lovely stone church and the child-friendly beach Kvarnboviken is 400 metres away. The hosts organise wine and cheese tastings and guided tours around the farm’s 1930s workshop on request. This is where you can see motorcycles and belt-driven machines from 1895 onwards.

5. Hotel Svala

The newly refurbished Hotel Svala, a design hotel, is located in lovely Kumlinge in Åland’s eastern archipelago. Here you get to spend the night in an original cultural heritage building that was established in 1931 as a hospital. In the 1970s the hospital was converted into a hotel, and now the building has been refurbished with a focus on sustainability and design whilst carefully preserving its history and charm. The Hotel Svala is the perfect location for a peaceful holiday, conferences or private events like parties and archipelago weddings.

6. Jurmo vandrarhem

Jurmo Vandrarhem is a hostel located in an old primary school close to the ferry harbour on the little island of Jurmo, as far out into Åland’s north-eastern archipelago as you can go. On Jurmo you can experience a seal safari, fishing trips or boat excursions combined with excellent dinners. The charming old school takes in guests all year round, so why not celebrate Christmas, New Year or Easter in the peaceful and beautiful archipelago?

7. Havsvidden

The Havsvidden Resort is located at the northernmost point of Åland’s main island. This is a great place to enjoy the Norrhavet Sound, which is beautiful whatever time of the year you visit. See it glimmer quietly against a clear blue sky on a summer’s day, or hiss and roar against the red granite rocks in a storm under a leaden sky on an autumn day. Havsvidden has a hotel section with a reception area, bar, restaurant, lounge and conference facilities. You can also choose to stay in your own luxurious “klipphus” (house on the rocks) or take your own boat into the guest harbour.

8. Stormskärs värdshus

If you’re interested in Åland’s literary history, then the Stormskärs Värdshus guesthouse might be just the place for you. This used to be author Anni Blomquist’s childhood home. Anni Blomquist is mostly famous for her novels about Stormskärs Maja, which in the 1970s were also made into a film about Maja on the island of Väderskär. Borrow the book from the library, go to the Stormskärs Värdshus hotel in Östra Simskäla, Vårdö, and read and relax in the archipelago farmhouse from the end of the 19th century. The hotel is particularly suitable for guests who visit Åland by bicycle or by car, and who appreciate the tranquillity of the archipelago. Simskäla is also a popular destination for paddlers.

9. Glada Laxen

The Glada Laxen is a restaurant with accommodation, which is located on the little island of Bärö in Kumlinge in Åland’s eastern archipelago. Henrik Beckman created a charming hotel with seven simply furnished double rooms in an old coast guard station. Relax with the family or hold a conference with your colleagues in this naturally beautiful and tranquil setting. Join some guided tours in the barren archipelago, go on fishing excursions or climb up the 40-metre-high coast guard tower to have an amazing view out over the sea. And enjoy the fish, which is guaranteed to be fresh – Glada Laxen is particularly well-known for its delicious fish dishes.

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