Nåtö naturstig

Experience autumn in Åland

Is there any season of the year that is as cosy and cheerful as autumn? Now you can huddle together for hours having a coffee with your friends in a comfortable café, or you can lace up your hiking boots and go on a long walk in the crisp air among the colourful trees. Åland has a lot to offer in the autumn, both for city people and outdoor types, on land and at sea.

The Aland Harvest Festival

Mattas Gårdsmejeri

The harvest festival is the absolute highlight of the autumn. The Åland countryside is made accessible to visitors for three days in September so you can visit farms, learn about life in the country and buy freshly picked apples, fresh vegetables, locally produced meat, homemade bread and artisan food products. The harvest festival has something for everyone, but children particularly enjoy being able to jump into piles of straw, ride on a tractor and stroke the farms’ sweetest animals.

Autumn half-term is another favourite for children. That’s when there are plenty of entertaining activities to suit little ones, and there are masses of fun things to do to fill those days off school.

The Art Circuit

During the Art Circuit event with open studios, you can meet Åland artists in their work environment. A wide range of visual arts, artistic arts and crafts, and traditional craftsmanship is on display in the studios. Combine the experience with visits to some of Åland’s art galleries or museums and learn about even more interesting and beautiful Åland art. Keep an eye on the events calendar as well – there are usually lots of theatre performances and concerts on in the autumn.

Outdoor recreation and sports

Järsö naturstig

Hiking, cycling and paddling are enjoyable activities for those clear autumn days when the air is fresh and the colours beautiful. Conditions for outdoor recreation are good in Åland and there are plenty of hiking trails and paths for you to explore. The sea is still warm so having a sauna and then taking a dip after a long day out in the wild is lovely on a moonlit September evening.

Åland is a great destination for golfers even in the autumn since the mild archipelago climate keeps the greens in good condition well into October.

If you like to run, you can sign up for the Kanonloppet and the Åland Marathon, two events that over the years have become real street festivals. The Åland Swimrun is another challenge with different categories to suit experienced sportspeople, keen fitness enthusiasts and happy beginners.

High season for hunting and fishing

A hunting and fishing trip to Åland provides excitement and great experiences of the outdoors. The chances of having a good day’s hunting are high owing to the plentiful supply of roe deer. Contact a hunting organiser and choose between meditative tower hunting, eventful hunting with hounds or thrilling bow hunting. You can also hunt seabirds with the use of decoys.

Autumn is definitely high season for anglers. The perch are nice and plump, having fattened up all summer long, and there are exciting pike competitions such as the traditional catch-and-release Getadraget. The cooler the water gets, the closer the sea trout make their way towards land – an exciting fish to catch either from a boat or from land.

Fun rainy days

Sometimes it rains in the autumn. That’s when you can take the opportunity to go to the cinema, disco bowling or visit Mariehamn’s town library. You can indulge in your choice of fun in the water at the Mariebad and Åland’s Sports Centre swimming pools and spend time in the museums to learn more about the exciting history of Åland. The Åland Maritime Museum, Cultural History Museum of Åland and Åland Art Museum have generous opening times even during the low season.

Glorious autumn sea

Many people believe that the sea surrounding Åland is at its most beautiful in the autumn. Some days it shines like a mirror reflecting yellow birches, red maples and white wisps of cloud on its clear surface. On other days it’s all silver-grey foam, polishing the red rocks smoother with every wave that washes up on to the shore. It is at its most awesome when the autumn winds are blowing. From places like Havsvidden on the Norrhavet Sound you can safely view how the sea’s mighty force has it roaring and crashing on to the beaches. Huddle under a blanket and enjoy the memorable spectacle.

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